What it is

Trivial shell is a simple platform independent interface to the underlying Operating System. It includes:

Where is it

metabang.com is slowly switching from darcs to git for source control; the trivial-shell repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git://github.com/gwkkwg/trivial-shell 

Trivial-shell is also ASDF installable. Its CLiki home is right where you'd expect.

There's also a handy gzipped tar file.

What is happening

25 April 2010 - (time flies); moved to git and pulled in some fixes from Jochen Schmidt (thanks!).

10 Jun 2008 - S'S'S'Syncing up with the jones

6 Nov 2007 - Pulled website to CL-Markdown format, brought in some patches (thanks!)

17 May 2006 - Created site. Trivial-shell forks and builds on the code in Kevin Rosenburg's handy KMRCL tools.